Presenting Women Entrepreneurs from 57 Countries, Modest Fashion & Womenpreneur Summit 2024 Ready to Be Held in Malaysia

By femaledigest

Successfully attracting participants from more than 57 countries, the 2024 Modest Fashion & Womenpreneur Summit (MFWS) is ready to be held. For three consecutive days starting from 8, 9, and 10 February 2024, MFWS 2024 will be a new home for women entrepreneurs from all over the world to network and create collaboration opportunities.

At its inaugural performance, MFWS 2024 carried the theme “High Level Women Forum For Economic Growth and Sustainability”. In accordance with this theme, MFWS 2024 aims to expand the network for women entrepreneurs so they can grow more rapidly and increase competitiveness in this modern competitive business ecosystem.

“High level means they have the value of being able to solve problems in the surrounding environment. Have a sense of concern and desire to continue to develop and be useful, not only for the company, but also for humans and the environment. By creating this forum for the womenpreneur summit, they can connect with each other,” explained Ayu May Fakih as CEO of Kreasi Mode International, the company organizing MFWS 2024.

From this big theme, MFWS 2024 formulated three main materials that must be a priority for every female entrepreneur who wants to develop her business, namely marketing strategy, finance & investment strategy, and system strengthening.

“As entrepreneurs, those three things are what we think about every day. That’s what we need to understand, we need to understand how we can apply it to business. Because these three themes drive our efforts. Marketing – how can we understand marketing strategies that are relevant to the current situation and right on target with rapidly changing trends. System – business is about building a system, how that system can be duplicated, run by itself, and be able to adapt to changing circumstances, aka stay relevant. “Investment and financing – how the company can get access to funding for company development,” said Ayu.

To bring new knowledge to participants, MFWS 2024 will present a series of speakers who are experienced in various business fields. Some of them are Eva Law (Leader of the Association of Family Offices in Asia), Nur Asia Uno (Chairman of the Indonesian Fashion Association), Susan Emir (Owner of Rumah Sabine), Alia Khan (Founder and Leader of the Islamic Fashion and Design Council), and other figures other female business leaders.

In organizing MFWS 2024, International Fashion Creations is not alone. Several institutions/organizations, companies and brands participated in ensuring the holding of this event. Moreover, considering the wide scope of target participants from various countries, support from local and foreign companies, institutions/organizations and brands is needed to strengthen the credibility of this event.

“Currently there are eight collaboration partners who have participated in making the MFWS event a success. This collaboration is not limited to event promotion but also reaches resource persons and even sponsorship and media partners. Among these institutions are the Indonesian Fashion Association, Modest Fashion Australia, Modest Fashion Manila, Islamic Fashion & Design Council from London, Association of Family Office in Asia from Hong Kong, Scarf Media, hellobcr and the Indonesian Fashion Chamber. “Collaboration is still being encouraged with various parties to make this event a success,” explained Nurasiah Jamil as Project Manager of MFWS 2024.

Interestingly, MFWS 2024 is not only a business forum, but also a modest fashion show which will feature 12 selected modest fashion brands from various countries. Until this press release was made, 5 local fashion brands had been selected including By Ayu Dyah Andari, Hijaberlin, BT Batik Trusmi, Zeta Prive, and Greenism.

“MFWS 2024 will start with an opening which will include a modest fashion show. We have 12 slots that we will display. Currently there are 5 Indonesian brands. From other countries, we are currently recruiting from these partners and also from registration channels. “Because there are few slots, the target is only 12, the hope is that more fashion brands from various countries can participate here,” explained Nurasiah Jamil.

MFWS 2024 was initiated by Ayu May Fakih and her company, Kreasi Mode International. This woman who graduated from the University of Indonesia has long experience in initiating various international performances that focus on youth development through Model United Nations which has involved more than 100 countries and was attended by thousands of participants. “Together with Kreasi Mode International, I want to build a forum where female entrepreneurs can collaborate with each other. connected without being limited by distance between countries or differences in business sectors.

“MFWS 2024 is designed as an inclusive space to become a support system for businesswomen throughout the world,” said Ayu.


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