MFWS Participant Benefit

MFWS Participant Benefit

Official Invitation Letter

Guide Book

Airport Assistance

VIP Participant Kit

Exclusive Accomodation

Access All MFWS Event

Opening & Closing Gala Dinner

3 Meals/ Day

Coffee Break

Business Presentation

Event Documentation

Certificate Participation

MFWS Payment Form

Payment Instruction:

  1. Please fill in the form with correct data information

  2. All international transactions will be charged for admin fee/ international transaction fee (5% or might be different depending on application and country policy)

  3. For Transfer Bank method please contact your local bank to ensure that we receive the full amount (after deducting international transaction fees)

  4. After you have made the payment, please send the proof of payment to email address with subject format YourName_PaymentProof_MFWS 2024

  5. Your successful payment will be checked and confirmed within 1×24 hours at the latest (Working Days)

  6. Do you need assistance? Kindly click the WhatsApp button below and we will be ready to assist you.