About Us

Established in 2021, Kreasi Mode International, under the visionary leadership of Ayu May Fakih, has emerged as a trailblazing force in the world of international events. Drawing from a legacy of success in curating and hosting global-scale events spanning over 100 countries and 20 global events with International Global Network. Ayu then recognized a common thread among women from diverse backgrounds.

At Kreasi Mode International, our mission is crystal clear – we are dedicated to empowering women across the spectrum of business through meticulously crafted events. Our focus is not just on mere gatherings but on creating platforms that uplift, educate, and inspire women in every sphere of professional life. Join us as we continue to champion the limitless potential of women entrepreneurs, leaders, and innovators, fostering connections and sparking change on a global scale.

International Global Network Portofolio

International Global Network (IGN) is an organization enggaged in youth development programs since 2015. Established with the aim of bringing together youth accross the globe to cooperate with each other in business, culture and social movements. IGN’s motto is “Connecting Dreams” where IGN will always strive to realise the dreams of young people through all its programmes. In order to fulfil women empowerment which are important indicator, IGN create another branch company named Kreasi Mode International. specific to connect womenpreneur community in global scale.

Our Event Plan

Step into a world of empowerment and inspiration at MFWS 2024!

Join us as we celebrate the fusion of style and entrepreneurship, where remarkable women come together to create, innovative and conquer new horizons